OE Summer Football Week 1

Tomorrow marks the start of our Summer 30, and I’m excited to welcome everyone to what promises to be a fantastic season. With 350-400 members in our football family, it’s crucial to stay informed through my weekly update emails, booster club communications, and Twitter (@OEHawksFootball).

Here’s what you need to know for our first week:

– Days: Monday through Thursday
– Start Time: We begin daily at 7:00 AM in the freshman gym, wrapping up at 10:30 AM.
– Arrival: Enter through Door H on the east side and be in the gym by 6:50 AM.
– Dress Code: Wear shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Bring cleats for outdoor activities, but please avoid slides (they often get forgotten).

This week is all about introducing our culture, strategies, and getting to know each other. If your son can’t attend, there’s no need to contact me. He should speak with me before or after his absence. If joining after the first day, it’s important not to just fall in with the group unnoticed. With over 40 new players, proper introduction is key to ensuring coaches recognize everyone and can maximize practice and playing time.

If you know someone who did not receive this email, please have them contact me directly because it means they are not on our email list.

Looking forward to a great summer together!