IMPORTANT July 8 Update From Coach Porter – COVID Guidelines

Players have been told multiple times to bring and wear a mask daily. They are asked to wear them at all times unless they have an issue that requires them to step away and remove them. If they do not have a mask that can move far away and still participate from a distance.

Players have also been asked and are reminded regularly to stay at least 6 feet away from others. They are also asked and reminded to wear masks at all times.

We are not equipped with thermometers to take temperatures but are asking general health questions before workouts. Anyone not feeling well or showing any symptoms of sickness is asked to leave.

Coaches are also wearing masks at workouts. Coaches are also working to stay 6 feet away from players as much as possible.

Weights workouts are outside and players are NOT sharing weights. Each player is using their own weight during the entire session. Weights are then sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down by coaches between sessions.

All balls and bags are also wiped down after being touched by a player.

Players are reminded to stand at least 6 feet apart or have a mask on if we huddle. They are not allowed in the huddle without a mask.

This situation is new to all of us. Coaches and players are constantly reminded of the necessary precautions. We are working to be creative in achieving the desired results with social distancing.

Thank you,

Courtney Porter
Head Football Coach
Olathe East