Booster Club Notes 9/2

Football is BACK!

The extra week has given the boys an extra week of preparation, but also given everyone another week of anticipation of the season getting under way.  I know the players are ready, the coaches are ready and the parents and fans are ready to see real football being played. “Thank You” to everyone who has helped over the summer on various committees and doing some of the little things we’ve asked for help with. There’s always many little things the Booster Clubs could use some help with – from making sure Gatorade is getting to the players after games to making sure there is enough volunteers to help clean up after a pre-game team meal - so if you are willing to help, please see me or one of the Booster Club board members, let us know that you’d like to help.  If you told me before that you’d be willing to help and I haven’t asked yet, please let me know again… there’s a good chance I “misplaced” that information.


Day                 Date               Squad            Opponent                 Location                    Time

Thursday        09.05.19         Freshman       Olathe North             Olathe East               415pm

Friday             09.06.19          Varsity            Olathe North             ODAC                        7pm

Monday         09.09.19          JV                    Olathe North             ODAC                         6pm


Varsity Season Opener

This year we’re opening the season against one of the top teams in the state – Olathe North.  I hope to see everyone out there for the 7pm kick-off at the Olathe District Activity Center [ODAC].  We’ll be on the visitor side, but we should be able to get enough support out there to make it feel like a home game!


Freshmen Season Opener

The Freshmen team would love your support this Thursday at OE at 4:15pm as they begin their High School careers and take on one of our biggest rivals in Olathe North!  After you watch the Freshmen play ON, stop by Zaxby’s for a bite and keep an eye out for the “Zaxby’s Freshmen of the Week” that will be announced in the days following the game!


JV Season Opener

Our Junior Varsity squad kicks off their season on Monday night at 6pm at ODAC against Olathe North.  It’s a very large stadium so let’s get as many fans out there as we can!  It’s a good idea to send some extra snacks with your player that day, since it will be a long day for them.  Extra protein bars, turkey sandwiches, peanut butter & honey sandwiches are a few ideas for them to snack on in the afternoon to have some energy for the game that night.


Pittsburg High School Game Booster Club Tailgate

Someone has offered to sponsor a BBQ tailgate for the Booster Club down at the Pittsburg game if we had enough interest of people traveling down for the Varsity game on Friday, October 18th.  The meal would be covered and in lieu of payment for the main BBQ, donations would be accepted and all proceeds would be donated to the Football Booster Club.  We would probably look to set up a Sign-Up Genius for sides, plates, napkins, etc.  Drinks would be each person’s or family’s responsibility.  To get an idea of what numbers we are looking at for the tailgate, I’ve set up a quick Google Form.  If you can take a quick minute to fill out the 3-question form indicating if you would be interested and how many would be in your party, that would help figure out how much food we would need and what size of space we will need.  No commitment, we just need a general idea.  Please click the link below:


Pittsburg High School Team Meals

While friends and family will be enjoying BBQ, the players will need to be taken care of.  With October 18th falling on a “no school” day, there’s going to be some flexibility on when the players will be heading down and when they can eat.  I would like to get a few people that can coordinate a pre- and post-game meal for the players.  I will work with coach to determine when they will leave from the school and what the food requirements will be pre-game, including what time he wants them to eat.  From there, this team can work with places in Pittsburg to make sure the boys eat before and after the game according to the parameters put in place by coach.  If you have interest in helping and possible knowledge of the area, please let me know.


Olathe East Booster Club Website

The plan is to have the new web site up in the next two to three days.  We had a few additional roster pictures to get up and wanted everything to look right before the official launch.  Keep an eye out this week for the announcement!


Sponsor Corner

Please be sure to keep our sponsors in mind when going out in the community.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do every week and throughout the year for the team.  When you stop in, please be sure to tell the manager on duty that you appreciate their support of the Hawks!




Steve Slade, President

Olathe East Football Booster Club