Additional information will be coming from the Booster Club, so watch your emails and check this web site frequently!

Hawk families!

I hope this message finds you, your families and friends healthy and safe during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history. 

I have a lot of information to share with you so please take a few minutes to read through this note and please let me or any other board member know if you have questions or if you would like to help out in any way.

Now the big question on everyone’s mind is if we’ll be practicing this summer and if the season will start on time in September.  As of today, I don’t have a lot of hope that we will be starting things at the beginning of June.  I had a conversation with Coach Owen and at this time, hold off on sending in any money for the June Varsity (or Freshmen) team camp until we have a better idea of when we will be able to officially start camp.  If you have already sent something into the school, Coach will hold onto it until we know more.  All plans are still pending based on ultimate decisions by the Olathe Board of Education, the State of Kansas Health Department, the CDC and many other groups who have our health and players’ health in their hands.

Since we did not have our traditional mid-April “All-Hands” booster meeting with Coach, we missed out on the opportunity to share several important pieces of information with players and parents.  Again, take a few minutes to review the information below.

Please review the summer conditioning plans provided by Coach.  They have been uploaded to the Booster Web Site.  At this point, the Olathe School District has not opened enrollment for summer weights.  It is not known when the school buildings will be given the clearance to open to students/athletes.  We will let everyone know the status of this and when it is OK to register. 

Players, please try and get some work outs in every day.  Not everyone has access to traditional weights, but all the conditioning drills don’t need any weights and its amazing how one can improvise some form of “weight training” with bags of mulch, wheel barrels of topsoil, flipping tires, etc. [Rent ‘Rocky IV’]

There are several summer camps planned for June and July where coach is asking for payment.  Like the team camp above, do not send any payment in until we have confirmed those camps will be taking place.

As Coach Owen and Dr. Stoppel pass along information, I’ll make sure it gets out to everyone.  The best way to stay informed is to follow the booster club (@OEFootballBoost) and Coach Owen (@OEHawksFB) on Twitter and the Booster Club on Facebook (@OlatheEastHawksFootballBoosters).  

Regarding some information from the Football Booster Club, there are several things I wanted to make everyone aware of:

  • Due to the early closing of the school, we had to cancel this year’s Mulch Madness fundraiser.  Mulch Madness is usually our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Last year, we raised over $8,000 and the year before over $10,000.  Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to replace these funds.  Additionally, with the downturn in the economy, I can’t expect the same financial support this year from our usual sponsors, especially the local restaurants who have really been hit hard these past few months.  I would understand if they can’t afford to provide the same levels of support.  I am hoping some of our sponsors will still be able to step up and we will have to continue to watch our spending very closely.  We might have to make some decisions on what can and can’t be done and may look for more parent volunteers than we have in the past.  We might consider some additional fundraisers, but nothing has been decided at this point.
  • Over the past three years, we have been very smart with our funds and have built up a reserve that can help get us through the season, but we shouldn’t plan on depleting the fund since we have no idea how long this downturn will last.
  • The usual April players & parents meeting typically allows everyone to sign up and pay their annual dues for the Booster Club.  Since we couldn’t hold the meeting this year, we missed that opportunity.  We’d still like everyone to join.  The dues are going to be even more helpful this year in allowing us to close some of our budget gaps.  The form can also be found on our website HERE.  At this time, we cannot accept payment via the website – only electronically via PayPal and Venmo or via check through the mail.
  • Right now, we have a “full” board consisting of seven members.  Just to give everyone a quick introduction of the board members:

President: Steve Slade (Parent of Nick Slade, Senior)

Vice President: Michael Scoma (Jason Scoma, Sophomore)

Treasurer: Jeremey Geihsler (Peyton Geihsler, Senior)

Secretary: Beth Zinn (Joe Zinn, Senior)

At-Large: Bill Elliot (Nick Elliot, Junior)

At-Large: Paul Matlack (Nick Matlack, Junior)

At-Large: Katie Barber (Brayden Barber, Sophomore)

  • As you can see, we have two positions that will be opening at the end of this season.  If you are interested in joining the board at the end of the season, and possibly shadowing one of the executive positions to see if this is something you’d be interested in doing, please let one of us know.
  • Committees.  I’ll be getting a committee and volunteer sign up list out as we get a firmer commitment as to what the summer and season is going to look like.  I anticipate many of our usual committees, but we may have other needs that will require volunteers.  Once I understand what lies in front of us, I’ll get that out.
  • Senior parents…. This season might look a lot different than past years for not only the players but for us as parents.  I’m asking everyone now, at the start of the “season” to work with me through this.  As you know, I’m in the same boat.  I’ve had expectations coming into this season, as I’m sure you have had for what it would be like as a “Senior Mom” or “Senior Dad.”  My highest priority will always be the players.  Under the best-case scenario, I have a feeling their Senior season is not going to be anything like they thought it would be like, so I want to everything I can to make it special for them.  Once we get some idea of what the season will look like, I’ll plan a Senior Parent meeting to go through the needs for the rest of the year.
  • I’m sure incoming freshmen parents have a lot of questions... I don’t know if I can answer everything in this note, but I can try to address some of the things that freshmen parents are typically involved in.
  • Regarding summer workouts, assuming these happen, Freshmen will start the day at 7am SHARP on the football field at OE.  At 8am they move to the weight room and finish up at 9am.  They are typically finished right on time.
  • Camps (other than the Freshmen team camp in June) are typically for the Varsity squad only. Freshmen will be notified if they need to come to conditioning those days usually the day or two before camp.
  • Freshmen parents are responsible for staffing and running the concession stands at the FIRST HOME GAME of the season (and the first playoff game - if it is a home game).  The football booster club is the beneficiary of the evening’s proceeds.  The past two years’ game have been a great success for the club.  I’d look for a Freshmen parent to chair a committee and be the primary point of contact to run the concessions that night.  Again, I’m not sure what “home games” are going to look this coming season, but I’m going under the assumption that we will return to normal at some point, unless I hear otherwise.
  • We will need two freshmen parent volunteers to act as “Class Representatives.”  These positions are mainly my “go-to” contacts during the season to get out information to the freshmen parents and to maintain an updated contact list (and to make sure I have the best list). If you are an incoming Freshmen parent and interested in taking on one of these spots, please let me know.

At this point, I think I covered most of what I needed to.  I probably will hit “send” or “post” and remember six things I wanted to say. 

Stay safe and healthy.  We will get through this and hopefully be playing football soon.

If you have questions, please let me know. 


Go Hawks!


Steve Slade

Olathe East Football Booster Club President