Team Awards: 2018 Season

Offensive MVP – Most Valuable Player

Hunter Thomas

Defense MVP – Most Valuable Player

Josh Jamison

Special Teams MVP – Most Valuable Player

Spencer Grosz

The Big Ugly Award – Most Valuable Lineman

Logan Cole

Blue Collar Award – Most Valuable Show Team Player

Jayden Avena

Iron Hawk Award – Awarded to the player that demonstrates a consistent work-ethic in the weight room.

Dwan Washington

James McGinnis Award – Given to the player showing the most sportsmanship, loyalty, & inspiration, in honor of James McGinnis.

Tre’von Kearney

2018 Team Captains – given annually by vote of team members to the leaders of the 2018 Football Team.

Hunter Thomas

Josh Jamison

Tre’von Kearney

Miles Wills

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